Blue Apple Technolabs was established in 2008 by a group of young experienced professionals. Blue Apple entered into the ever expanding IT sector with a vision to set its footprint. The young enthusiastic professionals with high degree of commitment have made this company grow leaps and bounds in a short span of time. Today Blue Apple has set its presence in software development, website solutions and in embedded system R&D.

                                The success of Blue Apple Technolabs lies in a simple phrase “delivers the best”. Quality, reliability and post sales service had rendered much renown for the company in domestic and international market. With strong commitment to deliver quality engineering, Blue Apple works using advanced technologies to achieve its definite goals.

                                We consider clients as the pillars of our growth. We respect and value their thoughts so as to deliver completely client oriented products with no compromise on quality to them. Timely deliverance is another key factor which have been applauded by its clients itself as a reason for our success.


"WE ARE COMMITTED TO DELIVER THE BEST                              
                                                                 IN WHAT WE OFFER"


We are a company established under a bunch of young dynamic experienced professionals. Our aim is to deliver quality services and products to our clients. Our team have ensured all the positive vibes adhered to young guns are passed on to what they make out. We are always in search of new technological advancement to fulfil the needs of clients in the most effective manner. Blue Apple always welcomes young guns to join our team.

                                 We select the right personals to each domain, based on their expertise on it. There by we ensure that we build a team of quality professionals. For any machines to work ahead, it should have a thriving engine. Our thriving engine is our team.




Software Development

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Website Solutions

Over 250 clients have experienced the excellence of Blue Apple in web .......

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Embedded System

Blue Apple R&D undertakes creative work on a systematic basis in order ....

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